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Social Justice in the Liberal State
Social Justice in the Liberal State (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We began as a social network and formed an association, and now we are growing to have directors in the Americas which includes at present North and South America. Happy Holidays from American News Magazine!

We have friends around the world who communicate with us with our variety of eclectic values in life and our special interest groups.

We share as writers on the Internet our websites and our stories whether we are authors, educators, historians, journalists, or writers of syndicated columns, blogs, or sharing in the latest creations with our videos. We are learning to share in making documentaries and will be coming together to share our own home made documentaries to learn about our hobbies and personal interest while growing our own small businesses around the world.

Some of us are interested more in what we eat while others are interested in what we do as hobbies. The common cause here is we are all interested in each other and how we come together to celebrate our lives as body-mind-spirits sharing the birth-life-death process.

Theresa will be sharing with her friends in our ACO Social Club by supporting her friends in their quest to make life better for themselves on their own spiritual paths as social entrepreneurs.

Spiritual Social Entrepreneurs is what we are called while working with TJ to make the world a better place with interest in art, culture, education, science, technology, history, folklife, and social justice. That is the main categories while we learn to share our hobbies including entertainment in the health and wellness of body-mind-spirit ET Seminars and workshops around the world.

Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris has had some extraordinary experiences and lives a full life while the world was changing Theresa also known as TJ was learning to share her life with some of the people we call extraordinary who came and went in secrecy. This is the story that only those who join TJ as her friends will share in person at these ET Seminars and in the future the Divine Expo. The ET Seminars are for individual teachings while the Divine Expo will be for the associations, companies, and organizations coming together to support sustainability of both planet and species. These participants will be our customers, investors, and suppliers to our ACO as American Consumers Organization forever grows and shares our World Information Network (WIN) which Theresa began observing around the world.

There is now a Planet Information ET Work in progress and working with TJ one can learn to co-create and be a part if one is interested. If you have an interest in knowing interesting people and being a part whether just as a member subscriber for contributing $36.00 a year that is $3.00 a month to our cause to come together as interesting individuals or contributing more to co-create with us as a contributing consumer, customer, investor, or supplier will be up to each of us to confirm as co-creators that we are making the world a better place than when we arrived.

We are about confirming the future for us all with sustainability of both planet and species in mind. Mind-Body-Spirit interested in co-creating with TJ Morris ACO LLC.

For joining in our ET Seminars as a friend of TJ in the ACO Social Club please become a member as a supporter of our cause at present is sharing that we are a part of the Galactic Family in Spirit. Our Spiritual Quest of Meaning and Purpose is presently to support our Communication and Recognition on the Internet as those who are joining Theresa also known as TJ as a supporting friend in our Internet Presence Online.

Our Advertorial for ACO American News Magazine

If you would like to be listed in our Directory as a Contributing Member of our ACO Social Club Directory we, are now dividing this up under our Metaphysicians Interest.

TO BE LISTED IN OUR MAGAZINES AND DIRECTORY one must meet minimum membership dues of $36.00 annually which is $3.00 monthly but one year due in advance in order to list.

Our Present Listings for our ET Seminars are:

•          Speaker

•          Author

•          Metaphysician

•          Mediator

•          Personal Consultant

•          Team Worker-Lightworker-Truthseeker

•          Entrepreneur

•          ACE/ACO Member – COPS (Community Online Practicing Skills)

•          Director-Officer – List by State and Region

•          Sponsor

Note: All Directors and Officers are appointed and must be a member at least one year.

$5.00 a month for business listing with website link included.

$10.00 a month for Advertorial Page on product and/or service which must be accepted.

ACO LLC is Managed by Managers working together with TJ Morris dba ACIR and ACO.

Ascension Center Organization dba ACO

Assured Confidential Investigative Reports


And ACE Folklife Organization dba ACE Nonprofit Inc. ACIR  Intelligence subscribers include employees from:

We have Members who are our Patriots of the Art~Culture~Education with TJ Morris ACO

Join with Theresa J Morris in the ACO Social Network of Metaphysics Club.

Body-Mind-Spirit – Health & Wellness – Community Online Practicing Skills (COPS) ACIR

American Culture International Relations – Social Justice Human Rights

ACO LLC is managed by Managers around the world. Rise to the Occasion in Spirit~ Join Today!

The American Spirit shared among friends as a Gathering of Kindred Spirits Annually usually at the three (3) times of the calendar year. We share ACO in MARCH – ET Seminars-SCI-FI Writers-Artists Workshops-Readings-Psychics, ACE Folklife MAY- BODY-MIND-SPIRIT , and our Ascension Stargate(ET-UFO CONVENTION )  in OCTOBER.

If we want to come in on Thursday for Officers Organizers Meetings Dinner Meet & Greet we need to plan that. Otherwise we all show up on Friday during the day up to airlines NLT 5-6 PM so we can all have a DINNER MEET & GREET MEETING to arrange for SAT & SUNDAY SET UP for our Customers, Members, Suppliers, and VENDORS.



(2014 is the year we are COMING OUT AND JOINING OTHER CONVENTION to save money)




March 17 – St Patrick’s Day to March 20-22- Vernal Equinox


May 1 – May Day, through August 14 – VJ Day, (Most Expensive Convention Dates to book at Venues it seems)


October 23-United Nations Day (Children in School but still a good Convention time)

One cannot be in our Directories without becoming a Member of our Social Club

Body-Mind-Spirit Health & Wellness -&- ACO Social Club for Good Habitual-Hobbies

ACO METAPHYSICS – MIRACLE MAGIC ACO CONVENTION- Body-Mind-Spirits Experiencing the Birth-Life-Death Process – Co-Creating Sustainability for both Planet and Species Fri-Sat-Sun.


MAGAZINE LISTINGS for Advertorials


  • TJThurmondMorris.com
  • TJMorrisEntertainment.org
  • TheresaJMorris.org
  • TheresaJMorris.com


– TJ Morris dba ACIR~ Ascension Age Body-Mind-Spirit Health & Wellness Social Club of Spiritual Entrepreneurs. We share Communication Broadcast Media Online in our Social Network.

American Culture International Relations (ACIR) ~ ACO Press Club

American Consumer Organization as ACO Members

Ascension Center Organization Education

While ACE Folklife specializes in art, culture, and education, ACO specializes in the alliance as an American Cooperative Organization in forming alliances to organize entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Associations, Companies, Organizations are welcome to join in an alliance for health and sustainability of our planet and species with me and my friends. We share our body-mind-spirits sharing the birth-life-death process and want to know more about each other and to come together for sharing how we want to co-create and build way of being together in this world. We are Being-Doing-Having in a better world with better habits. Learning to communicate, educate, co-create, makes better rewards for better life.

What do we as a species have in common on this planet? Finding a way to share with each other how to co-create a better world is one way that I and my friends will share the future as entrepreneurs who write and blog on the internet. We are a community online practicing skills…

We share each other and it is time we learn more about each other with the communication capabilities we now have to be consistent with making choices to know more, to do more, and to learn more about each other.

Taking charge of our own lives as the YOU and WE in us ALL. Becoming more in 2014 than we ever expected to do as an individual. We teach our children in America to believe in Self, Family, and Community.

We want to make sure that our tribal instincts for survival in our ET DNA are now recognized and we can direct it towards FOCUS for GOOD!

Our performance in life is what we create and co-create together. This is the ET instinct for tribal survival which our ancient ancestors wanted us to learn in order to do and to be. Doing and Being are two words that allow us to share in a world we all participate in.

We each are born into this world with certain human rights. The right to exist is first. The right to belong is second. We are born with the fear of falling which a new born baby can display first and with the ability to cry out when in a position of falling or quick movement we will cry to alarm others and our way of asking for help.

We ALL at some time or another need to remember what it feels like to fall and those above who expect us to learn that when we come here we in a way have fallen from grace in some aspects of existence but only to learn what it is we need to know in order to become better spirits along the way of our immortal spiritual path.

So many of us while on this planet that are called the “Baby Boomer Generation” learned that we could come together for various reasons and form groups while making a statement such as “Make Love Not War!” That one statement with only four (4) words was a mantra for those who were alive during the Viet Nam War although in history not a war but a police action of the United States government against the Viet Namese. We learned from coming together that we could make a difference and that our government was here to serve us all not to force political decisions on us all around the world.

The world has grown up and the United States that was once called the “Big Brother” in order to keep peace in the world is no longer wanted and is now out of style politically. The way we have set up the rebuilding of the world after World War II with sharing our ways of democracy in other countries that were torn apart due to war has grown due to the world’s need for more oil so we could travel in our vehicles.

Transportation and owning more stuff to take to our loved ones around the world and to share things was the way it has been in the past and in many ways we are still in that way of thinking. We have added the ingredient of love. If we love more we want to do more and if we do more than we want to share more. Now it is out of love that many of our loved ones whether family or friends come together and will bother to make time to not only communicate but travel to a location in order to be with a loved one.

Communication has allowed us all around the world to become a part of a much larger existence. Those in education which is the generation of learning in the “IT Communication Generation” is those who have that special “Something now we call the IT Factor”.

The IT Factor is that special ability to know how best to use the communication of the mind which is inside the brain which we take with us wherever we go. The “IT FACTOR” will be that which makes others stand out in a crowd. Those in the past who were the best parents of children wanted the best education for their children in the world. This feeling of security for our children is still the chosen way of thinking for our children. We want the best for our children.

I have learned though from experience that even though living in America that having children and leading them in a certain direction does not guarantee the children will want the same things for themselves that the parents want. This was a hard lesson for me to personally learn.

Having intelligence and wanting more education for my children did not guarantee me the fact that my children would want to exercise their intelligence with more education. This was one of the hardest lessons I had to learn about my children. I wanted my children to learn more about the arts which I had on my path such as learning dance and how to use the body and to act on stage, and sing. Having four daughters and putting them in dance and theatre and putting them on stage was just not what they wanted. They were children and wanted to play and to be with their friends in school and to celebrate living and playing outside as children. Each of my four daughters had their own paths and I finally had to give in and l had to learn that I could not live their lived for them.

I do know from learning about cultures of various people around the world that the increase for wanting more education for children around the world by parents has increased. The reason is that we have built this world to believe in more education which gives our children a better chance at learning professions with education and talent. Some will simply learn skills in community colleges and technical colleges and will not further their education past two years. It is time we learn that with all the information that we share in this new Age of Ascension as the Golden Age of Cosmology that we set our desires for the stars. We can all desire to make a choice. Better choices can co-create a better world for all of us.

We at ACO would like to invite everyone to join us in this world and to let us know of your part. Who are you, what do you do and how can others assist you in your choices to co-create with others. So many of us are loners and are alone in this big world we call home.

TJ Morris ACO LLC has decided to ask her friends to share in the future by joining a Social Club that is designed to assist loners, entrepreneurs, and small business owners interested in the body-mind-spirit health and wellness and sustainability of  both planet and species.

This is a large general call to those who can see the larger picture. We are co-creating teams and those in the past that came together with Theresa J Morris as an entrepreneur who was co-creating teams with her friends came together one a year at various trade conventions around the world. We have learned from working with Theresa who is called TJ by her friends that consistency in performance is something we can gravitate towards keeping us all motivated more when working together as team players.

We each can live and share our own time wherever we actually choose to live as singles or as families and yet keep in touch with TJ weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually to share in enabling us to set goals for a better future around the clock on the internet.

TJ brings us together because she is really interested in making the world a better place for you, me, our children, and the entire human race. This is why she was inspired to become the first founder of the original Ascension Center Organization on the planet. Now TJ is back and has shortened the inspired cause to simply ACO to be used in a variety of ways in our business of broadcast media communication for our ACO Social Club.

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American News Magazine of TJ Morris ACO Association of Authors, Consultants, Organizers & Guides. Theresa J Morris & Friends share as partners as social entrepreneurs working and co-creating together to overcome all geographic, political, religious, cultural and ethnic boundaries to maintain the single goal and focus to create new hope and opportunities. ACO LLC owner of American News Magazine through founder Theresa J Morris, TJ Morris dba ACIR, and sharing and working in cooperation with other associations, companies and organizations that support Ambassadors of Goodwill. American News Magazine, American Culture International Relations ACIR, ACO

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